To all the Potty Mouths!

I'm quite convinced that most situations in life (great and terrible) can be heightened or at least more impactful with a passionate four-letter word thrown recklessly through the air. Like a cherry on top after searching for days and finally finding that Reiss Red Moto jacket in your size- wholly shit, or cleverly catching your (ex) boyfriend sexting with his ex-girlfriend, (idiot)- oh and Fuck you- a good, healthy all American cuss can make moments like that resonate!

So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a disturbing article in this month's Elle alleging that cursing can kill brain cells and had statistics to back that shit up! To add insult to injury, while flipping through channels during a Vampire Diaries' rerun, Fox 5 (those bastards) blasted me with coverage on a Catholic school in NJ banning their female students from cursing. Yes, only the female students.

For a brief moment, while I let the influx of anti-cursing propaganda wash over me, I contemplated if I too should turn over a clean, fresh mouthed leaf.  However, after that passed, I thought to myself, "fuck it, life's too short, have fun and express yourself."

As the Great Judy Blume- who recently celebrated her 75th B-day- said, “That's not a bad word ... hate and war are bad words but fuck isn't.”