Vanessa Mooney

A good best friend teaches you about life and love.  She's the one who tells you if that red lip is the wrong red and if you should get bangs (or a perm).  She buys you bracelets that make you feel like a tween and introduces you to the miracle that is Blue Apron (and doesn't judge when you select the meat option).  She also shares the love after stumbling upon a fantastic find like Vanessa Mooney

For my recent bday, she got me this Vanessa Mooney Cleodora Short Necklace after I was enviously eyeing her new bracelet.  This necklace is right up my alley and have been rocking it none stop.

Because I consider myself a collector of all things amazing (especially in the realm of beauty) here are a few more Vanessa Mooney pieces that I'm lusting after:

1) The Centarus Earrings

2) The Fawn Rosewood Necklace

3) Forget Me Not Elephant Cuff


Happy lusting,