This year has passed so quickly that I'm now in panic mode for Holiday shopping.  I don't want to sound like Scrooge, but sometimes, I hate buying people gifts. 

More often than not, one of two things happen:

1. They tell you (or half tell you) what they want, "A scarf or something for the home," and you are left feeling even more confused than before, asking yourself, "red cashmere? faux fur? should I go tech like a juicer or safe...candle set!?"


2. (my own personal nightmare)– "Just get me anything, you know what I like!" – aaahh!


Enter WANTFUL... 

Wantful is a beautifully designed, thoughtfully curated and magnificently efficient way to approach your gift shopping this holiday season.  It really can't get easier than this and most importantly, BOTH parties will be happy!

1. Log in

2. CLICK- create a gift

3. SELECT gifts that are based on your price range and the interests of your loved ones (or frenemy). 

4. CHOOSE whether you want a personalized book to be delivered or emailed.

5. Your loved one picks what they want out of your thoughtfully selected items and... done. 

It's shipped directly to them and they'll be enjoying their gift quicker than you can say "Happy Hanukkah."


  • Add a charitable option to your picks.  By doing this, your loved one can choose to donate to that charitable organizations instead of selecting a gift for themselves– GIVE A HOOT!
  • You can select up to 12 items so be creative and diverse.  Pick a few items from each category- jewelry, accessories, beauty, etc. 
  • Though the personalized books are beautiful, save a tree and get the soft version emailed to them instead- plus this option is free.


Happy Lusting,