What what, I'm on Links a la Mode

I have arrived people!

Ok, needless to say that I'm excited to be a part of the elite group of bloggers that are featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB).  My post on Stella and Dot is in this week's Links a la Mode!  OWL is brand new, an infant in the blogosphere, and I am amazed with its success and how rewarding it can be to say, "fuck it" and just do what you want with your life!


Winter Is Coming, Edited By: Taylor Davies

We just had our first snow storm of the winter season in New York City, and it seems like bloggers in the IFB community all over the world have winter on their minds, too. From layering tricks to dark-hued manicures, coats and capes, we’re all feeling the chill. This week’s links are full of thought provoking pieces as well, there were in-depth articles on models, modeling and photographers as well as the challenge of wearing one dress for seven days in a row. Looks like even if the snow keeps us inside this winter, we’ll have no shortage of great blog content to keep us warm.


  • 1972 Projects: Face, Barbara Mullen, the Supermodel Who Disappeared
  • Are We On Time: Pumped Up Kicks
  • Dress Code: High Fashion: The Royal Luxemburg Wedding
  • Fashioned By Love: Russian Top Models – Inna Zobova
  • Girl Loves Color: Glow in the Dark
  • Honey & Charm: On Black and White
  • IndiePunkGoddess: Do We Treat Models Like Walking Hangers?
  • It’s Because I Think Too Much: Deep French Manicure
  • It’s Beyond My Control: Coats, Capes, and Vintage Hats
  • La Fille en Rose: The Best Camel Coats & How To Wear Them
  • Martha Dahhling: Insouciance – A Recipe for Keeping It Simple
  • Mes Belles Amis: Caring For Your Shoes
  • Mom Trends: New York Fashion Love 
  •  Our Wonderlust: Our Beauty – Stella & Dot
  • Stephanie Surtida: Same Dress
  • Sequins For Breakfast: DIY Leopard Boots
  • South x Style: Let’s Get Deco
  • The Concrete Loves My Shoes: Must Wear Many Hats
  • The Pre-Tender: LBD Cocktail Party!
  • Youth Savage: How About I Don’t Follow You?

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