Your Hair Will Love This

It's kind of scary once you start doing the research on how much toxic shit is in our regular shampoo and conditioner.  I remember even as a kid, being obsessed with Herbal Essence then hearing about how it caused cancer and made your hair fall out- nightmare!

I've been slowly making my way to cleaner and safer choices- especially when it comes to skincare and hair care.  A few weeks ago I professed my love for Rahua- to this day it's still my favorite hair product ever but, way too expensive to sustain on my budget.  So, I've been on the hunt for an equally good, equally clean but substantially cheaper shampoo and conditioner- oxymoron I know.

The Acure brand rose above the rest.  The Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner leaves your scalp tingly (because of the mint) and feeling super clean.  The Conditioner is surprisingly moisturizing since the texture out of the bottle is very light and refreshing.  Plus, my hair is starting to feel thicker and more balanced!

Here's a short video that tells you a little more about its magic:

You can get it here